Calling a Pattern an Anti-Pattern is actually an Anti-Pattern

Photo by David Clode

Pick your favorite pattern and search for it followed by “Anti-Pattern”. Some blogger somewhere will misuse that pattern and tell you why it is bad.

Yes some patterns don’t achieve everything we desire in quality code today, but that doesn’t mean they are Anti-Patterns. If a pattern achieves what it sets out to do semi-efficiently without any ill side effects, it isn’t an Anti-Pattern.

Using the word “Anti-Pattern” is dismissive and toxic when used improperly. Kind of sounds like an Anti-Pattern huh? Well it is. The Blowhard Jamboree management Anti-Pattern outlines tech experts who are technical bullying teams into their views.

Calling patterns Anti-Patterns is the equivalent of tech click-bait online. In person, its abrasive and counterproductive. Have a conversation, discuss how it could be applied, out-weigh the side effects.

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