Conventional Programming with EFCore – Part 2 – Fixing Find

If you didn’t already setup Entity Scaffolding, please checkout Part 1 before continuing. DbSet.Find(Object[]) Although a powerful method, it can cause some problems. Primarily, the lack of compile time checking of the arguments. Usually, there is a bit of double checking during initial use, and then god forbids someone changes the keys. You can haveContinue reading “Conventional Programming with EFCore – Part 2 – Fixing Find”

Conventional Programming with EFCore – Part 1

When I first took a pass at writing a Framework many years ago, I thought I was so clever being able to use reflection to solve common problems. Then I learned about Expression Trees and more fun but difficult to maintain concepts. At one point I sat down and said to myself, will anyone elseContinue reading “Conventional Programming with EFCore – Part 1”